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Taiyuan telford prosthetic rehabilitation equipment co., LTD. Is a department of Shanxi Province approved the establishment of social welfare enterprises,Main responsibility is disabled for the province body installation preparation prosthesis,For all kinds of chronic disease and elderly patients have dysfunction rehabilitation physical training、Provide all kinds of orthoses、A wheelchair、Tricycle、Cane auxiliary equipment, etc。Company is the only company to cooperate with the hospital's social welfare enterprises in Shanxi Province,Company base mainly set up in Shanxi Province hospital rehabilitation medicine,Personnel engaged in prosthetic orthopaedic implement production assembly24People,There are3A professional architect hold country prosthetic brace,The prosthetics industry across the country are numbered,Technical force in the industry forefront,Rehabilitation medicine with medical staff of eleven,One of doctor of vice director of the name,A physician,Nurse-in-charge two。All personnel are graduated from medical school,All has obtained the corresponding qualification,After regular professional training,For patients with a variety of functional exercise independently。

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