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         Qian win(简称“Qian win”)Was established2004Years3Month10Day,By qian win international airport ground service thousand win with Singapore's keppel joint venture set up sino-foreign joint venture thousand thousand another win。
       Qian win is a facilities、Equipment one-stop professional management thousand win,Strong technical force,The existing staff300Many people,With college degree and above150People,Engineer10People,Assistant engineer60People,Technician12People,Senior skilled worker、High voltage、Refrigeration、Machining and other technical personnel135People。Qian win pays attention to talent reserves,Attaches great importance to the echelon construction,To form a reasonable structure、Personnel stability、A high standard of maintenance of professional technical team。
       Total cost of the maintenance and management more than thousand win the success10Equipment assets of RMB,Main business includes thousand win airport baggage handling system、The air conditioning system、The elevator system、Boarding bridge system such as mechanical and electrical equipment operation management and qian qian win win Lufthansa food、Airport shares thousand thousand another win, etc10Building facilities。   
       Qian win to implement scientific management,In order to“Standardization、Refinement、Information technology”The management idea,Provide for the customer“Security、High quality、Efficient、Satisfied with it”The service。In thousands of win2005Years passedISO9001:2000System certification,Has a perfect quality management system;Throughout the year2007In equipment management information system is developed independently,To implementKPIManagement,Equipment asset management as the core,In order for ties,The equipment、Spare parts、Personnel information,For total life cycle management of the machine。
       Looking to the future,Qian win always a firm belief,Committed to build facilities、Equipment one-stop professional management win,The most professional and technical team to create thousands of win airport,And use the experience in management of qian win the success of the airport,Provide suitable for customer requirements for the general customers the facility equipment operation management solution。

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  Contact department:The Marketing Department
  Contact phone number:020-86123279
  Fax number:020-86122953

  Address:Win the airport south workspace
  2 limited thousand thousand another win


Lufthansa's project
        Airports and Lufthansa thousand thousand another win power system、air conditione、The ventilation system、Hot and cold water systems、The operation of the boiler steam system management、Equipment maintenance、Maintenance and troubleshooting,Row(The unclean)Water system and plumbing。Responsible for airport Lufthansa qian win plumbing equipment、The kitchen equipment、Washing equipment maintenance、Maintenance and troubleshooting。

Fedex project
        Fedex asia-pacific hub airport north district is located in thousand win,Covers an area of about15740Square meters,During peak hours can handle the goods27000A/Hours。The whole system of belt conveyor234Taiwan, 9Month27Solstice10Month10Day,By fedex construction equipment manufacturers, the United StatesFKIQian win for the invitation,Qian win was invited to participateFKIFedex equipment debugging program。

Algeria project
  Algeria airport project content:
1、That's right12Fault boarding bridge equipment、400HzPower supply and cable cassette player structure troubleshooting。
2、Of all the boarding bridge and leah airport400HzThe power to conduct a comprehensive inspection。
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The baggage handling system
Qian win airport terminal baggage handling system...
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The air conditioning system
Qian win airport terminal air-conditioning system...
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An elevator
Qian win airport terminal elevators、Escalator...
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The boarding bridge
Win the boarding bridge airport terminal、Bridge equipment...
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Lufthansa's project
Lufthansa's food win the project team...
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