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Guangdong purification superb mechanical and electrical engineering co., LTD
Guangdong superb mechanical and electrical engineering co., LTD. Has specialized contracting grade clean industry qualification and mechatronics engineering contracting secondary qualification。The company is specialized in business scope:Workshop10-100All level(ISO4Level---9Level)Dust-free workshop、Clean room design、Construction andGMPCertification is dealt with;The central air conditioning、Constant temperature and humidity of workshop、Industrial process(Industry)The pipe、Power distribution、Lighting、Focus on the hot water、Exhaust air、Air purification、Energy saving reconstruction(Contains all kinds of waste heat recovery、Frequency conversion transformation)、Factory building decoration、The water storage air conditioning system of engineering design、The construction、Maintenance and repair、Maintenance and sales。Company has strong engineering design、Development、Production、The installation、Transformation ability。Company has technical engineering design at the same time、Construction quality、Engineering management、Technical services,The company offers a variety of levels、A variety of purification of air-conditioning industry、Dust-free workshop and electromechanical installation engineering;Professional service in electronics manufacturing、Photoelectric optical、Printing and packaging...
The main products:Purification workshop,Dust-free workshop,The central air conditioning engineering
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