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  Texas tianlong co., LTD is a glass wholesale,Toughened,Deep processing,Design and installation for the integration of large-scale private enterprises, etc. .For the majority of new and old customers to wholesale for a long time3--19mmEach big good glass manufacturers,Magnetic control,Online,Silver mirror glass.2012Years5Month,The company has introduced production levelNDSeries horizontal roller type of toughened glass equipment unit,Production of flat two-way bending toughened glass LuXiBei blank area free of toughened glass production line,Regulation of the first large flat curved tempered production line was born into.At the same time have all kinds of grinding machine,Straight edge grinding machine,Abnormity edge grinding machine,Beveling machine,Cleaning machine,Empty drilling machine,Hollow machine and other equipment for the glass deep processing production,And equipped with professional and technical personnel to install large glass engineering design.The company produces,Nip glue,Such as hollow glass,Company subordinate toughened factory,Special glass factory,Hollow glass processing factory,Sales company,Installation company.With a large warehouse.The company of fixed assets900More than ten thousand yuan.

  Companies with good products,Good prestige,Services to win customer consistent high praise.Production,Processing,Sales,The installation,Tracking service pattern,Make the company benefits,Products across the province and xinyang,Zhumadian,Tongling,Nanjing,Hangzhou,Anqing,Nanchang and other surrounding provinces and cities.

  "The good faith,Mutual benefit,A win-win situation,In order to customer needs"Is the idea of sunshine company,We would like to work with friends from all walks of life hand in hand to create brilliant.

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