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  • Biological yield is high
  • Nutritional quality is good
  • Increasing farmers' income,Herdsmen efficiency,Good social benefits
  • Organic fertilizer to improve soil,Is advantageous to the sustainable agricultural growth
  • To eliminate the straw burning,Environmental protection、Save water
  • Good palatability,To gather the food

The core technology

Advanced breeding direction,The breeding of silage corn,High starch content,The grain yield and common corn,At the same time with excellent quality。

Product guarantee

Seeds 4 quality standard all meet or exceed national standards。

After-sales service

Big jingjiu has improved、Mature sales network will seed promotion to the customer、The farmer,And traces the query system,All seeds traceability,Service hotline opened all the year round,After-sales service guaranteed。
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Group process

  • 1993Years6MonthThe company predecessor——Shangqiu region agricultural economic and trade company。
  • 1997Years8MonthThe company changed its name to shangqiu big jingjiu seed company。
  • 2001Years5MonthBig jingjiu”By the state administration for industry and commerce registration of trademarks,The first step towards the company brand management。
  • 2011Years7Month25DayHenan big jingjiu seed industry co., LTD) seeds numerous push the integration of business licenses by the ministry of agriculture approval
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The Chinese agricultural second prize2016-11-29

The Chinese agricultural second prize

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Silage23Science and technology progress award2016-11-29

Silage23Science and technology progress award

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About usabout usCreate famous brand The revitalization of national seed industry

Beijing big jingjiu agricultural development co., LTD., its enterprises in henan province was built in the big jingjiu seed industry co., LTD1993Years,The aim is:“Service to agriculture, rural areas and farmers,Serve my country,Committed to the national seed industry revitalization,Build zhongyuan well-known brand。”The core value is big jingjiu seed industry pursue:“Enterprise、The customer、Employees、With the development of the society harmonious”。The company long-term development strategic goal is:On the basis of shangqiu,Make use of the points、Subsidiary advantage of radiation throughout the country、Relying on the company many years of marketing technology and the accumulation of a strong partner,Developing new marketing network system,Build a first-class elite talent team,Construction with the time synchronization of learning-oriented enterprises,The big jingjiu seed industry in China gradually silage corn industry leader。
Service to agriculture, rural areas and farmers、Serve my country;Create famous brand,The revitalization of national seed industry

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Shangqiu company

The phone:0370-3090581 3090686
Zip code:476006
Address:Shangqiu east road on the north sea68Number(Shangqiu institute of the east)

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The phone:010-51557096 / 51557099
Zip code:100193
Address:The horse even traveled north road, haidian district158The tripod business building408Room

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The phone:0371-63382285 / 65713066
Zip code:450006
Address:Zhengzhou city agriculture road east1Yu bo building,709Room

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The phone:0951-7662558
Address:Ningxia yinchuan xingqing district jade emperor pavilion lake district north street4Building1Unit302Room
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